Wholesale Cabinet Fittings

WCF Hardware Distributors – Success Story

WCF Hardware Distributors has been the leading distributor of cabinet hardware and furniture fittings for over 20 years. Their product offering includes handles and and cabinet hardware furniture fittings.

The Challenge

Stock theft and spiraling labor costs can have a significantly negative effect on the bottom line of any organization, particularly when high volumes of stock are involved. In an effort to reduce stock theft, streamline processes, eliminate stock takes and reduce labor costs, WCF management took a decision to automate their entire bulk warehouse.

The Solution

WCF undertook the mammoth task of building a 1,864 m2 ‘dark warehouse’ from the ground up. The building can house 6,000 pallets comprising about 7,500 line items. The entire process, from the layout and construction of the precisely level concrete floor to the specific design of the pallets, revolved around the installation of robotics to ‘man’ the bulk warehouse.

The Result

Extensive consultation with SYSPRO resulted in the development of an integrated ERP and automated warehouse management system that operates in a ‘dark’ environment and requires minimal human intervention. This mechanization has resulted in an increase in accuracy as human error is eliminated.