Bridges and Integrations

SAS team has expertise in creating ERP, CRM, and e-Commerce bridges so your business systems are working together seamlessly.

SAS Bridges support SYSPRO, Epicor, Sage or Microsoft Dynamics

Our bridges transfer data between SYSPRO, or other ERP’s, and CRM or e-Commerce systems that co-exist with the ERP. The purpose is to help you to use multiple related systems more reliably and efficiently in a way that fits your way-of-business. Bridges allow your systems to share key information and status through your business process. All of this done in real time, not having to wait for batch processes.

SAS’s bridge software was created to accommodates a wide variety of needs; you decide how it’ll be done as opposed to bending your needs to fit our software.

  • We say this as our bridge/integration software supports an infinitely adaptable matrix, on both the application and ERP sides, for propagation of data between the systems.

An added benefit is our software accommodates customization completely.

SAS offers the following ready-to-run bridges for SYSPRO and other ERP’s


Populate SYSPRO or the other noted ERP’s with customer data from and create ERP sales orders for opportunities in After invoicing, update in Salesforce with status, invoice number and amount, and the serial number or key associated with the order for warranty, support or RMA’s.


This bridge integrates SYSPRO or the other noted ERP’s with the MAGENTO ecommerce platform. You can populate a Magento catalog with product and inventory data from the ERP, send sales transaction data from Magento to the ERP and update the order in Magento with status and tracking data from the ERP.


Are you running a SYSPRO ERP, wanting to migrate to a terminal server and utilize other than Outlook, with its high license costs, for your email service? If so, talk to ORG about our Custom E-Mail Client which eliminates having to pay Microsoft Outlook license fees for the terminal server.


Reduce the cost of bulk shipping with this bridge between SYSPRO or the other noted ERP’s and Dazzle shipping software. Instead of entering orders in Dazzle, pick from a list of shippable ERP orders to automatically transmit the data to Dazzle. This bridge closes the loop too: it transmits actual shipping facts, like cost, actual weight and tracking data back to the original order in the ERP.


If you build your BOMs in a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system, like Arena PLM, you can use this bridge to transfer BOM and Engineering Change information between SYSPRO or the other noted ERP’s and the PLM system. Supports Arena PLM and other PLM systems that use the PDX format.


Similar to the Dazzle interface, the bridge for the Freightview SAAS allows you to select SYSPRO or another ERP’s orders and transmit item addressee and dimensions to Freightview. Upon shipment, relevant details are transmitted to update the associated orders in the ERP.


This bridge integrates SYSPRO and the other noted ERP’s, with the ChannelAdvisor Commerce platform. It provides exactly the same functionality as the Magento bridge, but for the ChannelAdvisor Commerce platform.


This bridge enables SYSPRO and the other noted ERP’s and a Sigma Laser Cutter machine tool to exchange job data.