Whatever your reasons for improving the flow of data in your business, be that better services levels, reduced costs or heightened visibility of management information, let DataSwitch do the work for you.
By automating processes with DataSwitch you can interact more quickly, in more agile ways and more efficiently with both customers and suppliers

The Benefits of DataSwitch

  • Increased Accuracy: Automate integrations to remove the risk of errors in business critical transactions.
  • Increased Flexibility and Responsiveness:
  • Quick response times to high frequency orders, manage repeat orders more efficiently – show your customers you an agile and responsive supplier.
  • Reduced Costs: Automate transactions between you and your suppliers, customers and business partners, thereby reducing admin and rework costs.
  • Efficient Processes: Eliminate manual processes through automation enabling you to redeploy staff where they are most effective.
  • Faster Time to Market: By automating processes you can decrease the time to manufacture, supply and invoice, thereby shortening the supply chain process, strengthening your relationship with your customer, while also improving cash flow

DataSwitch Features

  • One tool with a multitude of uses: Streamline transactions and automate repetitive tasks from a single solution using rule based logic
  • Flexible and affordable technology: One technology layer in Dataswitch to fill all your integration needs
  • Simple and intuitive: A simple UI to manage and automate repetitive data import and export processes
  • Error alert reports: Take control through enhanced real time error reporting and rule based logic for all interfaces
  • Automatic data validation: Your data is validated against system defined logic leading to fewer errors and improved data accuracy
  • Built-in security: The in-built security allows your operators to monitor transactions they have been allocated
  • Fully autonomous: Automatically retrieve, process and route documents and data as they arrive, all without any operator intervention

DataSwitch Use Cases:

  • Web & E-commerce: Link your ERP and e-Commerce site to automate the input of orders, removing manual processes and the risk of errors. Manage and validate customer information automatically.
  • 3rd Party Logistics: Improve service levels and reduce errors in your supply chain by automating Shipping logistics for dispatched orders, removing manual work and improving cash flow
  • Business to Business: Improve cash flow by enabling/automating inter-company transactions, thereby reducing paper flow and administration.

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