Dunlop Manufacturing – Success Story

Located in the Bay area of Northern California, Dunlop Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of world-class electronic instrumental accessories for the music industry with a product line that includes picks, capos, slides, strings and other musical instrument accessories.

The Challenge
As Dunlop’s product line evolved and gained popularity, the company recognized that it was in need of a manufacturing software program capable of efficiently handling a high volume of transactions while helping deliver customer orders, on-time and error free. Additionally, the company wanted a solution that would integrate all departments of the business and support rapid company growth.

The Solution

Among the reasons for the selection of SYSPRO were:

  • The ability to support continued business growth without significant increases in staff head count
  • Strong manufacturing functionality fully integrated with all other departments across the company
  • Increased efficiencies through the use of an integrated system without relying on spreadsheets and other offline, manually prepared, documents
  • Timely, comprehensive, and accurate reporting; and,
  • Strong implementation project team at SAS.

The Result

SYSPRO has greatly enhanced communications and efficiencies at Dunlop. It has proven to be effective and easy to use, supplying the needed data to workers at a rapid speed.  “The biggest difference is that SYSPRO allowed us to improve communications. It is easier to use. People can just log in and get answers quickly.”