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Yeti Cycles – Success Story

Yeti Cycles, a high-end mountain bike manufacturer, was founded in 1985. In 2001, two Yeti employees bought the company and have since patented several leading-edge technologies, including a suspension design called Switch Infinity. The quality of Yeti’s designs is a direct reflection of their commitment to racing.

The Challenge

A singular focus on building the world’s best bikes fueled such phenomenal growth that Yeti Cycles was forced to update their technology solutions. Consisting of a combination of internal, third-party and QuickBooks software, the previous solution no longer offered the scalability that was required for rapid growth.

The Solution

The Yeti Cycles cultural values of speed, efficiency and a true passion to be “the best” led Yeti to discover and install SYSPRO. The Yeti team was resolute that their technology solution partner understands the company’s desire to keep things simple and uncomplicated. ERP scalability, without undue organizational stress, is also a high priority. Yeti found the ultimate combination with SYSPRO ERP.

The Result

SYSPRO’s seamless ability to accommodate and support Yeti’s rapid growth is the number one reason why Yeti Cycles has remained a highly satisfied customer for more than a decade.  Even more remarkable, says management, is that, despite the company’s remarkable growth, the company has added zero additional technology people to support the SYSPRO deployment.

“You hear a lot of bad technology stories out there, particularly when a business has a lot of change, as we have,” said Hoogendoorn.  “We’ve had the opposite experience with SYSPRO; it is highly flexible, lets us operate on as few resource spends as possible, and has contributed to us achieving great profits.”