Ti Lite

TiLite – Success Story

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the 24-year-old company sells hundreds of products, many of which are patented original designs, to people throughout the world.

The Challenge

Operating for many years as a multiproduct company via a combination of home-grown technology patched to smaller software packages, TiLite knew that changing its business model to focus on one product would simultaneously require updating to robust ERP technology. The company went from producing five highly customized chairs per day to 70 or more, and expanded into 40 countries.

The Solution

Today, TiLite utilizes a custom web configuration called EZ-Ti to give customers an easy way to input the specifications and measurements that will make their chairs uniquely their own. EZ-Ti is linked to SYSPRO through Business Objects. These Business Objects automate the order directly into the Bill of Materials (BOM), attach stock codes, build the sales order, and mesh seamlessly into Materials Planning, Factory Documentation, Advanced Quality and other MRP modules.

The Result

Installing SYSPRO’s full ERP suite allowed the company to rejig valuable resources to focus on unmet market needs. In 1998, one year after deploying SYSPRO, TiLite produced the first of its flagship “CrossSport” chairs. Today, the company has increased its production 12-fold and substantially expanded its wheelchair product footprint.

“We can’t even imagine having made another ERP choice – SYSPRO has really surpassed our expectations and helped us completely reshape our business.” Evan Derrick – TiLite ERP