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RFE International, Inc. – Success Story

RFE International, Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, including resistors, capacitors, rectifiers and inductors, was formed in 1984 with an office and warehouse in Costa Mesa, Calif. Today, RFE which boasts manufacturing locations in China and Taiwan, is headquartered in Santa Ana, Calif., from which the company manages sales and service for customers throughout North and South America.

The Challenge

RFE serves its OEM customer base via direct key accounts and industrial distribution in key geographic markets. R. Fred Webb, President of RFE, says: “Our industry leadership is dependent upon the ability to not only outpace competitors with superior products, but also to best competitors by pushing the spec limits relative to better technical capacity, lower prices where we have a cost advantage, faster service and better customer service support, including superior technical service”.

The Solution

RFE initiated a search for a more feature-rich solution. After viewing demonstrations from leading software producers, the company selected SYSPRO ERP and CRM based upon its ability to integrate system data in real time. Contributing factors included the system’s scalability to meet RFE’s current and future needs, and the depth of service available from SYSPRO.

The Result

Webb estimates that SYSPRO has been beneficial to the company since implementation. It has reduced human errors, assisted sales with detailed customer communications and become an asset in managing growth while containing support costs.