Optech Incorporated – Success Story

Optech Incorporated is the global market leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based surveying, mapping and imaging instruments.

The Challenge
The company looked to align accounting and manufacturing processes, conform with industry quality and compliance regulations, and get a better handle on their materials management

The Benefits

After selecting and implementing SYSPRO, Optech realized a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Ability to conform to stringent compliance regulations – CSA, FM and ATEX certifications
  • Ability to align warehouses with production process flow
  • Accuracy and traceability
  • Ability to easily track customer deliverables
  • Timely invoicing
  • Optimal accuracy of the overall component list for a product
  • Ability to monitor labor and material efficiency against set standards
  • Improved, streamlined processes
  • Enterprise-wide financial reporting


To compete in the global – and extra-terrestrial – marketplace, Optech’s products must conform to stringent compliance regulations. The company’s quality management system facilitated the acquisition of CSA, FM and ATEX certifications. ATEX, in addition, requires Optech’s quality system to meet or exceed ISO 9002:2000 and prEN13980:2002. “The SYSPRO operating environment played a major role in assisting Optech to achieve these agency certifications,” says OpTech CFO, Elizabeth Carswell.