Maclean-Fogg Company – Success Story

The MacLean-Fogg Company is a worldwide enterprise with 23 North American manufacturing facilities, 11 international facilities, a workforce of more than 3,000 people and annual sales in excess of $800 million.  MacLean-Fogg provides engineered metal and plastic components to the industrial, automotive, military and aerospace markets, as well as devices used in the transmission and distribution of power.

The Challenge
MacLean-Fogg Company needed to get current with their ERP systems and in 2014 after an extensive market review, decided to remain with SYSPRO. “Our head office is on JD Edwards, but it’s very expensive and more than we need. I did talk to one SYSPRO client who converted to a different ERP, but the controller told me that the new software wasn’t very good, and he was sorry they’d changed,” says Lilian Gauthier, MacLean-Fogg’s Controller.

Since its inception, SYSPRO has been focused on developing a single-source ERP solution. Based on best practices, much of SYSPRO’s underlying structure and logic has remained constant over time. This continuity, referred to as SYSPRO’s ‘single DNA’, makes it easier for businesses to learn new software features and to avoid disruption as they upgrade their ERP.