Jacto – Success Story

The Challenges

When the business underwent an ownership transfer, Jacto lost its use of the existing Oracle ERP solution. Forgoing the corporate parent’s offer to extend its SAP deployment, and not interested in continuing on Oracle with its own license, the U.S. team began to search for their own ERP solution in 2009.

The Solution

The selection team reviewed multiple options, narrowed the list down to SYSPRO, Infor Distribution FACTS and QuickBooks. After a thorough review process, the company ultimately selected SYSPRO’s full suite of ERP distribution capabilities and implemented the solution within three months.

The Outcome

The most significant result of the SYSPRO implementation is the level of visibility that the system offers. The business is able to access meaningful data at a glance, with the option to drill down into the numbers and/or data that require additional information.