Designed especially for the small to mid-sized company transacting business throughout the global marketplace, Sage 300 ERP is an award-winning financial and process manufacturing solution. Sage 300 meets the complex challenges that transcontinental accounting and manufacturing present.

Systems Advisory Services has been the leading independent Sage 300 ERP specialist in Northern California for over 20 years. The experience of our highly qualified resources is unmatched.  Among the many honors we have earned are the prestigious “Consultant of the Year” award and invitations to serve on the Partner Advisory Council.

Sage 300 Software Configurations

Sage 300 Software Configurations are modular and fully integrated, providing adaptability today and scalability tomorrow. Sage 300 will manage the unique aspects of your enterprise, organizes resources, and provides the visibility necessary to improve bottom-line results.

Core Accounting – Sage 300 Core Accounting applications are the system’s heart — General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Book, and Multi-Currency Manager.

Process Manufacturing – Globally, Sage 300 is the most widely used PC-based process manufacturing software solution in the world! Thousands of mid-range process manufacturers in over 40 countries gain leverage with Sage 300.

Distribution – Managing every phase of the distribution process with Sage 300 will reduce costs and increase profits.

Business Intelligence Tools – Customizable report writers, integration tools, business intelligence tools, and electronic printing solutions complete the Sage 300 business information system. FRx Desktop provides financial reporting (balance sheets, income statements, and more) and comes bundled with both versions of the General Ledger application.

Payroll, HR and Project Management – Stay on time and on budget with payroll, HR, and project management tools that integrate seamlessly into Sage 300.

e Business – Transacting business over the Internet is something your customers expect. The eBusiness application simplifies the technology barrier, giving you the flexibility to build a Web presence complete with security features to keep hackers out.

CRM – Customer service, satisfaction, and retention are critical to continued revenue growth. That’s why so many companies are using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to improve internal communications, increase customer satisfaction, and boost sales revenues.

Technical Foundation and Security – Like a building, a software application is only as good as its foundation. Sage 300 is written in Microsoft Visual Basic, the industry-standard programming language.