Fabrication Industry

SYSPRO for Fabrication is designed to support metal or fiberglass fabrication seamlessly linking all of your company’s critical operations. SYSPRO’s flexible business solutions will enhance your organization’s efficiencies in meeting the challenges of global competition, high costs of raw materials and changing customer expectations. SYSPRO provides the tools to improve production and sales to achieve optimal efficiency, responsiveness and throughput.

Check out some of the more common business challenges and how SYSPRO ERP can help your firm solve them:

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Business Needs

Maintain Accurate Job Costs
Manage Customer Service
Plan, execute and control production
Reduce Time to Market
Synchronize Supply
Reduce Bottlenecks
Manage Lead Times
Track Material Flow
Optimize Production Capacity

Key Features and Functions

Job Actuals versus Estimates
Alternate routings
Bill of Materials
What-if Costing
Change Control
Blanket Purchase Orders

Customer Success Stories


Menzies Metal Products
Established in 1978 by Sam Menzies to provide innovative products and custom fabrication for the roofing, building and plumbing industries…..


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