Electronics Industry

Advanced planning and scheduling, serial tracking, work-in-progress inspections and procurement planning are some of the features that have made SYSPRO for Electronics a leader in the provision of world-class business software solutions. Our applications are ideally suited to the rapid changes that typify the industry, whether your business is appliances, semiconductors, scientific equipment, circuit boards, electronic connectors, computers or cabling.

Agility and speed in getting to market are critical in this industry, to meet the challenges of constant product innovation, short product life cycles, high levels of obsolete inventory and complex supply chains.

Let SYSPRO empower your company to overcome these challenges and thereby reinforce your growth and profitability.

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Business Needs

Control Product Design Changes
Improve Forecast Accuracy
Minimize Obsolescence
Minimize Risk of Defects
Electronic Collaboration
Control the Return Process
Manage Traceability

Key Features and Functions

Serial Tracking
Blanket Purchase Orders
Kit Sales
Available to Promise
Approved Manufacturers
Cost Implosion
Distribution Requirements Planning
Inventory Management
Linked Sales Orders
Advanced Trial Kitting
Kit Issues
What-if Costing

Customer Success Stories


RFE International, Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, including resistors, capacitors, rectifiers and inductors, was formed in 1984 with an office and warehouse in Costa Mesa, Calif.


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