Consumer Products

Consumer Products Industry Solutions provided by Systems Advisory ServicesSYSPRO solutions are tailored to address the needs of companies in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of fast moving consumer goods, consumer packaged goods and consumer durables. SYSPRO is dedicated to improving your operational efficiency and productivity, giving you visibility across complicated supply chains, and enabling quick responses to changing consumer demands. It will assist you in facing challenges such as unpredictable trends, short life cycles and long procurement lead times.

SYSPRO’s technology solutions and accurate analysis capabilities will empower you to eradicate waste and achieve increased revenues and profits.

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Business Needs

Manage Seasonal Demand
Manage Customer Relationships
Manage Inventories
Improve Forecast Accuracy
Manage Distribution
Reduce Inventory
Manage Complex Pricing
Manage Schedules
Electronic Collaboration

Key Features and Functions

Promotions Management
Material Requirements Planning
Multiple Units of Measure
Available to Promise
Pareto Analysis
Price/cost percentage change
Inventory Optimization
Sales History
Copy Sales orders

Customer Success Stories


Dunlop Manufacturing
Located in the Bay area of Northern California, Dunlop Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of world-class electronic instrumental accessories for the music….


Yeti Cycles
Yeti Cycles, a high-end mountain bike manufacturer, was founded in 1985. Today, the company has since patented several leading-edge technologies, ….


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