Our Services

ERP Implementations -SAS has performed more than 100 ERP implementations for businesses throughout the Western US.

Management Consulting - SAS offers  a range of IT and business consulting services to middle market companies.  

Training and Education

Whether part of an ERP implementation or simply a refresher for your team, effective knowledge transfer will maximize your software investment. Our consultants have trained thousands of client personnel and utilize proven techniques and materials to be efficient and thorough.

The keys to our training are as follows:

A comprehensive understanding of the each trainee's job duties and potential use of the software
Tailored training for each class
Easy-to-follow training materials
Hands-on training

We understand the importance of matching the training style and venue to each individual client. We've done client training in a 1 on 1 setting, small group setting and a large classroom-style setting. We've done them on-site and we've done them remotely. Each approach can be successful if the instruction style is changed accordingly.

Additionally, on-line training courses are available to supplement our training so client staff can get trained on their own schedule and at their own pace.