Our Services

ERP Implementations -SAS has performed more than 100 ERP implementations for businesses throughout the Western US.

Management Consulting - SAS offers  a range of IT and business consulting services to middle market companies.

Software Evaluation and Acquisition

Systems Advisory Services has assisted clients with over 50 unbiased, objective evaluations of business information systems alternatives. These typically involve financial, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Resources (HR), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Many of these projects involved evaluation of multi-vendor proposals with related product integration issues.

We pride ourselves on our objectivity and ability to select the most appropriate solution for our clients based on their needs. Our software selection projects have included the evaluation and selection of many different vendor's products involving Tier 1, mid-market, and vertical industry solutions.

Any investments in new systems must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the business. Therefore we base our approach to these projects on an understanding of the business conditions that are driving the need for new systems. This provides a logical, effective, and objective basis for the evaluation. Our evaluation methodology consists of the following five steps:

Requirements Identification -  To serve as the baseline for consistent and objective software evaluation, and to define the scope of functionality, technology, and business processes changes to be implemented.

Alternative Identification  -   Based on our knowledge of the marketplace, we are able to quickly and effectively narrow the field of potential solutions to only those that meet your most critical functional requirements, budgets, technology environment, and culture.

Software Evaluation and Analysis - We perform a detailed evaluation of alternatives including:  focused demonstrations, reference contacts, and anticipated costs for software, implementation and on-going support.  This results in a realistic assessment of each considered alternative.

Implementation Planning - Crucial to the success of any solution is the implementation.  We advocate understanding the solution providers' approach to the implementation and anticipated costs, as well as evaluating the implementation team. 

Contract Negotiations - Our assistance in the procurement can help ensure that vendor representations made during the sales process are included in the contract, that all needed software components and possible third party products are included, and as necessary, assist your legal or procurement team with background.


California Wine Producer: SAS assisted one of the nation's largest wine producers with the selection of an integrated ERP/Warehouse Management solution. We first defined functional requirements for a multi-channel sales network, production planning and manufacturing for three bottling plants, wireless-based warehouse management for a major distribution center, direct store delivery for California orders, and complete financial applications. After pre-qualifying four software vendors, we received three proposal responses and held scripted software demonstrations. We assisted with contract negotiations with the selected vendor involving software customization and a multi-phased implementation.

Northern California Pharmaceutical: While still in its development stage, this company asked SAS to assist with the selection of an integrated ERP solution that would support them into the production stage of their business. The functional requirements we developed addressed the outsourced manufacturing and distribution strategy of their business model.  As such, integration with business partner information systems became critical requirements for production planning, supply chain management, inventory control, and financial applications (G/L, A/P, and A/R). After receiving proposals and conducting scripted demonstrations from three software vendors, we assisted with preliminary implementation planning and contract negotiations.

Northwest Circuit Board Manufacturer: This company manufactures make-to-order circuit boards designed by its customers. SAS first assisted in the development of functional requirements for customer relationship management (CRM), production planning, purchasing, inventory control, manufacturing, billing, and integration with the parent company's financial systems. Scripted software demonstrations were conducted with the three pre-screened vendors submitting proposals. We also assisted in contract negotiations with the selected vendor.