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ERP Implementations -SAS has performed more than 100 ERP implementations for businesses throughout the Western US.

Management Consulting - SAS offers  a range of IT and business consulting services to middle market companies.  

IT Advisory Services

Middle market businesses are faced with many challenges, particularly in the area of IT.  Knowing where to invest limited resources and understanding the true value/risks of IT investments can be a duanting task, particularly when owners/management have little experience with IT.  Often times, internal IT staff is tactically focused and has difficulty with strategic or business-oriented issues.      

Systems Advisory Services consultants have provided IT advisory services to many companies throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.  Our consultants that provide these services have 20+ years each of IT consulting experience along with strong business/accounting backgrounds.  We work closely with senior management to address their most pressing issues.  A sample of some issues that we helped resolve include:  

Application Software  - The users of an ERP system believe the software doesn't effectively support information needs. Or, the software technology is so old that support has become increasingly difficult and expansion into new critical functionality is nearly impossible.
Troubled IT Projects - An IT project is in trouble and will have significant impact on the company unless the problems are resolved. The project is behind schedule, over budget, and/or out of its original scope. Management within the company has conflicting perspectives on the problems and best corrective action than do the vendors involved.
IT Strategy - There is a multi-year effort to significantly realign IT to better address a fundamental change in the business strategy. There is a difference of opinion regarding the best IT strategy (e.g. software development versus software packages) or projected resources required to implement and support the new strategy.
Internal IT Resources - Key resources may have departed or internal conflict may be leading to productivity issues. Organizational structure and/or responsibilities may lead to dissatisfaction and risk of staff turnover.

Our team offers an independent perspective for companies that are not able to come to a consensus on key IT issues.  We are able to effectively understand and relate to positions taken  by IT personnel , end users and management.


Multi-State Risk Management Company: This company was attempting to align its IT strategy with a rapid growth in business operations.  There was uncertainty within the executive group over what components of their enterprise systems should be developed versus selecting off-the-shelf software.  SAS assisted in analyzing these options, including issues involving integration of a mixed development/package software environment.  We recommended an organization structure for their IT department with estimated staffing levels to support the target strategy.  We also helped them with the recruitment of a new CIO.

West Coast Labor Association:   This organization was responsible for the deployment and payroll for a large union.  Their accounting department had been using the same ERP system for several years and felt it no longer effectively supported its needs.  SAS reviewed the overall information system needs of the organization and how the current system was configured to address those needs.  We recommended that they make certain changes to how the software was implemented including specific company setup, restructured chart of accounts, additional reports, and indirect cost allocation.  We also recommended business process changes that would resolve certain problems that were perceived to be software limitations.  With these recommendations, we believed replacing the ERP software was not justified.

International Steel Fabrication Company:  This company, which is composed of three primary business units, had selected a new ERP system and was six months into its implementation when it became apparent the project was in trouble. The schedule kept slipping, the implementation budget was close to expended, and business units were resisting efforts to convert to the new system. SAS was asked to review the selection decision made and determine how best to restructure the project. We concluded that the ERP software selected was an appropriate choice for the largest of the three business units. The other two business units already had ERP software that provided better options for them. An additional enterprise budgeting and reporting system was needed to bring all three business units together for financial management purposes. We introduced needed project management discipline including a new framework for preparation and control of project plans.