Our Services

ERP Implementations -SAS has performed more than 100 ERP implementations for businesses throughout the Western US.

Management Consulting - SAS offers  a range of IT and business consulting services to middle market companies.  

ERP / Web Integration

In today's world, businesses require their ERP solutions to integrate with other key applications including web-based ecommerce, document management, MES  or other custom application.  The effectiveness of the integration can dramatically impact the efficiencies and data accuracy of the organization.  

Systems Advisory Services has created numerous integrations for our clients.  Our expertise with the ERP solutions and their underlying data structures allow us to design sound, efficient and auditable  integrations.  Our team works closely with our client and their developers during the design phase

Our approach to integration projects include:

Plan - this is where clear definition is given to project objectives, analysis of alternatives and definition of scope and assignment of responsibilities.  Project risk is increased significantly if this phase is not given appropriate attention.
Design - we will work closely with our client and their developers in designing the most effective solution.  Where appropriate, we will include a prototype.
Develop - we follow industry standard development techniques. Where appropriate, interim reviews/feedback sessions are conducted.
Test - SAS and client will plan and conduct testing.   Audit results.
Deploy - create deployment plan, conduct training if necessary.  SAS staff available for support as needed.


International Aviation Fuel Distributor: This company receives thousands of transactions each day from third party processor.  We assisted the client with the design and development of integration software that received, validated and imported these transactions into their ERP software.  The data received is in XML format.  We also designed the audit routines necessary to ensure that all data is accounted for and appropriately posted in the ERP software.

Medical Device Manufacturer: This Bay Area maker of hearing aid products uses SYSPRO to process orders from doctors and to track inventory at each doctor's office. We designed and developed web-based reporting and inquiry screens for doctors as well as an interface from SYSPRO to hand held scanners that doctor offices use to record inventory movements. This integration has significantly increased inventory accuracy and has reduced inventory levels.