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ERP Implementations -SAS has performed hundreds of ERP implementations for businesses throughout the Western US.

Management Consulting - SAS offers  a range of IT and business consulting services to middle market companies.  

ERP Implementations

The value and benefit of new ERP software can be tremendous.  The software has the opportunity to improve efficiencies, increase responsiveness to your customers, provide better information for management decisions and allow for business expansion.  Yet ERP implementations are not without risk - troubled projects can be costly and a major disruption to your business.  

We believe that the company implementing the software is as important as the software itself.  Systems Advisory Services has all of the fundamental tenants that you should require of your implementation partner including:
A Long History with the ERP Software  - SAS has been implementing  SYSPRO for more than 20 years and Sage ERP for 25 years.   Our consultants know the details of each product leading to a more efficient and successful implementation.
Experienced Consultants - Our consulting team consists of individuals that have not only worked with the ERP software for years (average is 10 years with the software) but also have strong business skills.  Our consultants are former controllers, accounting managers, COO's, materials managers, procurement managers, etc and/or former consultants with the leading international accounting firms (Price Waterhouse Coopers and KPMG).  Our consultants add significantly more value to the implementation as they understand the issues users face because they have held those same positions.
A Proven Methodology - Our approach for implementing ERP software is based upon a proven methodology that we incorporate into all of our projects.  We've learned over the years that the methodology must be flexible enough to take into account different client requirements and working styles.  Yet the basic methodology provides a logical, structured approach that can be easily understood by our clients.  This structure reduces the stress of the project participants as all participants have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and when.  Project management plays a key role in a successful project.  

We divide all projects into logical phases providing the project with logical checkpoints.  Our standard phases are listed below.  During the planning phase, we will work with the client to identify the tasks and responsibilities associated with each phase.  That forms the basis of our project workplan.


Systems Advisory Services has conducted hundreds of ERP implementations over the years - certainly too many to list here. Instead, we have listed some interesting facts about some of our projects.

Shortest implementation: 67 days -- We have implemented some quicker but those tended to be abbreviated (e.g. financial modules only). This project, for a manufacturer of utility enclosures in So California, included 15 modules in the areas of finance, sales, procurement, inventory and manufacturing.

Largest company:  Google --  Ok, it was for one of Google's subsidiaries but even their subsidiaries are substantial!

Most unique industry: Bull semen -- no bull!

Yummiest client: Annabelle Candy Company -- awesome chocolate...

Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll (without the sex and drugs part): Dunlop Manufacturing -- makers of world renown picks, strings and other guitar accessories.

First client: Norton Industries -- one of our first tasks back in 1990 was to teach their team how to use Windows and a mouse! They continue to be our client today.