Service list

Accounting and manufacturing (collectively known as ERP) Implementations - SAS has performed hundreds of ERP implementations for businesses throughout the Western US.


Management Consulting - SAS offers  a range of IT and business consulting services to middle market companies.

Services Overview

Since our inception, SAS has been focused on the business information needs of middle market enterprises. With hundreds of successful projects under our belt, SAS understands the special needs of middle market businesses and the challenges they face .

Our consultants provide a wide range of services.  We have teams solely focused on the activities associated with ERP implementations and on-going support.  These  consultants are proficient with custom report writing, business intelligence, web integration and other software development projects.  

Additionally, we have a team of management consultants that provide  strategic and advisory services to guide your firm through other key IT or business initiatives.  These consultants have steered clients through the evaluation and acquisition of software solutions and have conducted process improvement projects  that have made companies more efficient and responsive.  We have also been engaged as "part time CIO" to fill a much-needed gap and help make strategic decisions.  

Our experienced team of consultants average 10 years with SAS.  Prior to SAS, most came from either industry backgrounds (including CFO's , controllers, COO, Production Manager, etc) or from large public accounting firms (Price Waterhouse Coopers and KPMG).   Our consultants bring significantly more value to client projects than simply knowing how a piece of software works.

Project Highlights