Chemical and Paint Industry

Whether it be the Paints and Coatings industry, Specialty Chemicals or pharmaceuticals, we have two excellent solutions to manage your business. These solutions address the unique needs of process manufacturers and the rigors of regulatory reporting.  Both have strong quality management and control modules and both offer Customer Relationship Management software to track end-to-end "touches" with your customers.

We have two  excellent solutions to meet this industry's demanding needs.  Click below to learn more. 

  • SYSPRO - An accounting and manufacturing software solution (also known as ERP) installed at 14,000 companies world-wide, SYSPRO is a good fit for process manufacturers, particularly those in the pharmaceutical industries.  You'll find complete end-to-end lot traceability, co-products and by-products capabilities, planning BOMs s, electronic signatures and a complete Quality Data Collection system fully integrated with the core ERP.

  • SAGE 300 ERP with BatchMaster ERP - Recognized as the leader in the painting and coating industry, Sage PFW ERP offers advanced features such as "what if" physical properties analysis, tracking of bulking factors, pigments, pigment-to-binder ratios and VOC and support for formulation and batch size adjustments for ingredient potency.  MRP, lot control and vendor quality management and many other features exist within the core software. 
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